Things you didn’t know about Angela White;

Things you didn’t know about Angela White;

  1. White sees pornography as a celebration. “I saw people on the screen having sex with multiple people, like, different locations, different people, multiple genders, and it was celebrated,” she said.
  2. White said she’s wanted to be in porn for a long time. “The first moment that I saw pornography I knew that I wanted to get into it,” she said.
  3. The biggest misconceptions about porn and pornstars, according to White? Drug use, sexual abuse in childhood, or desperation for money.
  4. White said she believes Western culture should be more open toward sexuality. “We all have sexual desires, and in our culture, those sexual desires are repressed or looked down upon,” she said.
  5. And she said sex should NEVER be viewed as a bad thing. “I always represent sexuality in my films as something positive,” White said.
  6. She insists on using her real name in porn. “It was a political statement for me actually to choose to use my real name in the scenes that I do because I’m not ashamed of what I do,” White said.
  7. White said to film a good scene, an emotional connection must be established. “For me, I really want to showcase the kind of intimacy that we can have in the world,” she said.
  8. She was a top student and graduated with honors, and eventually wants to go back to get her Ph.D.
  9. White strongly identifies as a feminist. “I identify as a feminist, absolutely. As a woman on set I’m making my own decisions, my own choices,” she said.
  10. She is one of the few women in the industry to run her own site, blog, and also serve as a director and producer.
  11. She said she has absolute authority over her work environment. “I have complete control over everything,” White said.
  12. White said once those attitudes change, doors will open for women. “If we are able to change society’s views, and see men and women as equals on the sexual playing field, then I think more women will enter the industry as directors, as producers, and as higher-ups in companies,” she said.

Read more: Angela White Pornstar.

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